Saturday, 29 March 2014

Conversations With Muslims (5)

Muslims Simply Adore Jews

beg to differ there, as this view from the koran has been debated many times. And the view that "they" should all hate jews etc is false. from what I know.”

 You say that the view that Muslims should hate the Jews and Christians ‘is false’! That’s pretty damn categorical! We are talking here about a religious book. Can something really be true or false in the absolute way you suggest? The Koran isn’t a work of mathematics or logic.

Of course, Muslims use the words ‘false’ and ‘true’ differently to many non-Muslims. To many Muslims ‘true’ simply means what the Koran says is true. It may also mean what the Sunni or Shia interpretation of a Koranic passage asserts to be true. Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with scientific or logical truth.

So when you tell me that something is ‘false’ about the Koran, I take it with the pinch of salt it deserves. It is just a statement of your commitment to a particular interpretation of the Koran. 

I prefer to judge the Koran by the 1,400 years of Islamic Jihad which followed it, as well as the large daily death toll from the Global Jihad we have with us today. Little disputes about interpretation are games for Muslims to play with each other. I’m not interested and neither are most non-Muslims. They judge Islam by its deeds, not by little esoteric disputes between Muslim ‘scholars’ or the admin. of Islamic FaceBook sites.


Islamic and Arabic Racism


 If you want to know about racism, consider the racism of that Arabocentric religion called Islam. Even its god, Allah, only speaks Arabic. His book can only be ‘truly understood’ in Arabic and ever since then millions of non-Arabic Muslims have been simple Arab wannabes.

The Arabs in Israel have far, far more rights and liberties than non-Muslims in any Muslim or Islamic state. In Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia, etc. Muslims are killing non-Muslims on a massive scale. And yet you dare point the finger at Israel? You hypocrite.

If you want to know a little more about racism, consider the slaughter of up to two million non-Arab animists and Christians - and even some non-Arab Muslims in southern Sudan.

Think also of the racist policies of many Arab regimes, such as Saudi Arabia - which even treats Pakistanis as little better than slaves - and slavery is something Islam has always endorsed and still endorses.

Then think of oh-so-innocent Hamas and its treatment of Christians and gays, as well as of all those Muslims who don’t completely agree with them.


Muslim Racism Towards White British

[This is a Muslim response to a comment about British culture.]

What the white lightning, burberry wearing, knucle dragging culture?”

 The fact that you so openly and graphically show your disrespect and hatred for the non-Muslim English can only do the anti-Islam cause good. Carry on! I have looked at MDL sites, as well as many other, more ‘respectable’, Muslim sites, and the level of hatred towards the non-Muslim English is so obvious and so intense that perhaps some of your Leftist ‘enablers’ should spend at least some time looking through them instead of spending all their time trawling through EDL websites and Facebook pages looking for bits of dirt.

Do you really think that every non-Muslim person in the UK likes White Lightening cider, wears Burberry, etc? Do you think that that’s even true of most EDL members? Or is this just a convenient way, which is also used by your Leftist enablers and whores, to dismiss a movement which is asking legitimate questions about your religion and its 1400 years of jihad? As well as questions about the many Islamists and militant Muslims who pollute our streets and, indeed, Facebook sites such as this.

Thanks for being so honest with your hatred of English non-Muslims - except, of course, you will excuse those non-Muslim Leftists (usually middle-class students or professionals burdened with White Guilt) who do your bidding and ignore every crime and misdeed of every Muslim, as well as of Islam itself.

Leftists will of course define racism as everything their opponents do - including the EDL. So, in their case at least, you simply cannot win. But for those who are genuinely against real racism, not the UAF/SWP/etc. who use racism as a tool to further their middle-class revolution or bring about 'radical' political change, they should see that those who are critical of Islam are not racist - unlike many anti-Semitic members of the aforesaid UAF/SWP!

[This is a response to the same Muslim who is now having a go at Americans.]

Rashida, I see that you're not that selective about your dismissal of - and arrogance towards - all non-Muslims. In the post above, English non-Muslims were insulted by you. And now it's the turn of Americans! And yet your Leftist enablers claim that the EDL is exaggerating the threat from Muslims and their hatred for the kuffar! Thanks again! Your two comments simply prove that we are right after all!

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