Friday, 28 March 2014

Conversations With Muslims (4)

We are Kuffar Haters

“MashaAllah my brother.  +.... Abu Huraira (r.a.) narrated that Allah's Messenger (s.a.w.) said: ''He who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak good or keep silent.''” - Hamza Yusuf

Yes, that's all very well; but I'm not a Muslim. That means that those words mean nothing to me. They mean less to me than a nursery rhyme.

"(Bukhari, Muslim). So my brother do not say things like that to your brother in Islam. Hate is what the devil loves. My brother + Dawah Man Do not listen to theses people who are hating on you keep doing your work remember even Allah SWT Messenger SAW had haters....” - Hamza Yusuf

You can keep on going on about “hate” even though Muslims are killing and persecuting non-Muslims every day. 

You can keep on going on about hate when the Koran is full of hated towards “unbelievers”, “infidels”, the kuffar, Jews, Christians, "polytheists", "idolaters" ad infinitum.

I hate Islam; just as I hate Nazism and communism. I hate what is hateful.

I can guarantee that the average Muslim, and certainly dawah merchants and jihadists, have far more hate in their souls than I have. So stop using the word “hate” as a cheap means to belittle your critics.

“... how do we stop all of this thats going on in the muslim world ? Everything?” - Hamza Yusuf

i) Do you mean: how do you stop Muslims killings Muslims, as they are doing in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, etc? 

ii) Do you mean: how do you stop the Sunni-Shia war in Syria, Pakistan, Bahrain, Yemen, etc? 

iii) Do you mean: how do you stop the Iranian theocracy which tortures and kills political dissidents or the Taliban that kills 95% more Muslims than the Americans ever have? 

Or are you focussing entirely on the evil kuffar – which is what Muslims always do?

A Muslim says: “Islam doesn't mean peace.”

"Yeah... Islam does not come from the root word of peace in arabic. That is a misconception. It comes from the root word for "submission" submission to allah." - Fro Buntu

Yes, I know. And I've known that for years. Muslims simply pretend that "Islam means peace" to fool the kuffar. In fact Islam means endless death and persecution for the kuffar.

"If peace to you is, "We will do whatever we want to you, just turn the other cheek"... Sorry, wrong religion." - Fro Buntu

What are you trying to prove - that Muslims are in love with death and killing? I already know that. You are proving your Islamic credentials by showing your love of killing.

"But don't just learn about a religion from people who arent even a part of it... Your ignorance is showing :)"

How can a list of Islam's love of killing display "ignorance"? We are at war. I agree with you. And I will do everything I can to stop your death cult from imposing its sick and perverted will on us.

Does every killing of the kuffar increase the chances of a Muslim entering Islamic Paradise? Is that why you people are killing so many people on a daily basis?

 Criticisms are Not Insults

“... you're obviously not worth responding to...” - Fro Buntu

You just have responded to me.

“... as you just have alot of, "I personally" followed by insults...” - Fro Buntu

I think I said “I personally” once. And criticisms are not insults. Though Muslims like you are programmed to see any criticism of Islam as an insult – all the better to silence the critic.

“Nobody cares if u like muslims or not.” - Fro Buntu

I suppose people should care if you “personally” hate the kuffar. That way we we can prepare ourselves against the enemy and know the enemy. However, nobody cares about what an Islamic automaton believes about Allah-given rules.

“Birds of a feather flock together, and i wouldnt want to belong to any flock of yours.” - Fro Buntu

You're not going to get very far with the kuffar with cliches likes “birds of a feather” and memorising the Koran. Most kuffar don't respect machines.

“So have fun with your pointless hatred." - Fro Buntu

I hate Islam, yes. I hate Nazism and communism too; as well as Muslim sexual grooming, Islamic terrorism, hudud, Islamic female genital mutilation, etc.

I may hate, but I don't kill people: Muslims kill kuffar every single day. Not because of "interventions", or Palestine, or Afghanistan, or the Danish cartoons, or unemployment, etc. - but simply because they are kuffar.

And don't be such a hypocrite – I bet you'd love to kill me, along with the millions of kuffar who believe what I believe.

You are full of hate too; as your words show. It's just that you can't win the arguments: hence sharia blasphemy law, persecution,death for apostasy and fake talk about "hate".

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