Thursday, 27 March 2014

Conversations With Muslims (3)

Muslim Dawah Merchants on the Streets of the UK

This is a very devious bit of Islamic dawah on the Muslim's part.

The Muslim has done a bit of research on obscure bits of Christian history. Then he confronts random Christians on the street whom he knows will know next-to-nothing about Islam and also next-to-nothing about those deliberately obscure bits of Christian history his has chosen.

It's like a boxer going in the boxing ring with lead in his gloves.

Sly and typically Islamic.

This arrogant and smug Muslim (a dawah Muslim on a YouTube video) is beyond contempt. His arrogance is appalling,

If he had political power, we'd all be dead or dhimmied. In fact his kind are in power throughout the Muslim world. And that's why Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews are suffering death and massive persecution at the hands of Muslims just like him.

Islamic Pakistan (where his family probably lives) is particularly good at the persecution of Christians. And his attitude in this video shows you exactly why that is the case.

He does dawah in the UK. His family may well kill and persecute Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. in Pakistan instead.

Dawah is what Muslims do when they can't do jihad or kill. Perhaps that's what he does when he visits his family.

I presume that this Muslim is a Pakistani.

If a Christian, Jew, Hindu, etc. did what he is doing here in the UK in Pakistan, he would be either killed or imprisoned. Christians simply can't do this in Pakistan or even in Muslim ghettos in the UK.

The arrogance and hypocrisy of Muslims is nauseating.


Can anyone tell me what the point of the debate is? In philosophical debates, or in many of them, one side of the argument may change his views. This never, or very rarely, happens in these Islamic dawah exchanges.

The Muslim, Dawah Man (as he calls himself) says some nice things to start off with so as to draw the Sikh in. However, the entire purpose of the debate will be to draw the Sikh into Islam. That is the essence of Islamic dawah.

Sikhism, like Judaism, is not a proselytising religion. So the Sikh is not necessarily, if at all, there to draw the Muslim to Sikhism. He is there to explain Sikhism to a Muslim.

Every Muslim's duty is to convert the world to Islam. That is not the case with Sikhism.

Thus you can see how the two speakers in this "debate" have fundamental and massive differences which will never be overcome.

The Muslim is there to win against - or convert - the Sikh. The Sikh is there only to educate.


"The muslim is there to pass the message; to invite."

In Muslim countries, and throughout Islamic history, Muslims have forcefully "converted" non-Muslims: they have not "invited" them. They "invite" the kuffar only when they have no political power. When they have political power, Muslims either forcefully convert or make all the non-Muslims under their control accept a dhimmi (apartheid) status.
"And whatever you spend of good - it will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged."

In other words, Muslims Do the Dawah, or do good, not for altruistic reasons (or for the good of man in general), but for "repayment" in Islamic Paradise? If a Muslim does good (though what he thinks is good is often bad), he gets a cash payment from Allah; as suicide bombers do when they are paid 71 virgins for blowing civilian women and children to pieces.

"So you're saying its bad to confront people and ask them what they know about their beliefs?" - SephirothSpirit

No. I'm saying that asking deliberately obscure questions - which the dawah merchant knows they won't know the answer to - is a bad thing. If I were to randomly choose an obscure bit of Islamic history or theology, he too wouldn't know what I'm talking about. I could ask him about the work of al-Ghazali or Sunni theology in the 9th century.

"I think it will actually encourage them to think more about their own religion and delve into more research and study for their own benefit."

Do you apply that to this dawah man too? I've never experienced a Muslim move a single centimeter on Islam - ever. Where's the "research" and "debate" there? Muslims never read any critical articles or books about Islam. Where's the debate and research in that?

A Christian proselytizer could have done exactly what this gimmicky Muslim has done and got exactly the same results. He could have approached random Muslims and asked them about hadith number 1003, chapter three, second paragraph. They were be utterly ignorant.

"What they were once ignorant of before could be an enlightenment for them in the future."

There is not a chance in hell that this Muslim in the video wants to be "enlightened" about Islam by a non-Muslim! No way! When a person is utterly convinced he is right, as this video Muslim does, there is zero enlightenment or debate.

Why is the educating and enlightening all working only one way? If a non-Muslim enlightens a Muslim about Islam in a Muslim country, he willed be either killed or imprisoned.

There are no Christian, Sikh or Hindu versions of this proselytizing Muslim in any Muslim country. It is illegal. It is banned by sharia blasphemy law. So why the typical Muslim hypocrisy?


How do I know that this is not genuine debate? Because Muslims don't believe in debate: they believe in dawah:

This is what Manhaj As-Saheeh says in a post below:

"this is not dawah, this is debating, and this is not allowed, it put doubts in the hearts of muslims..."

This video-Muslim wants to keep on relying on approaching random people in the streets with obscure bits of Christian theology or history. This is Islamic dawah at its most deceitful.

I bet he has never once debated with a Christian scholar or someone who knows his stuff.

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