Thursday, 27 March 2014

Conversations With Muslims (2)

Quotes by Chuck Pablo (He appeared to be a Muslim convert – or “revert”.)
"Make a list of killings by Americans in the same time span."

[He was responding to a death-list of two months' Islamic jihad: around 400 dead.]

It depends. Your statement is vague. Do you mean American soldiers or all Americans?

In two average months, I would say that American soldiers will have killed far, far less Afghans than are killed by the Taliban. And don't forget that US soldiers are there because of 9/11, the Taliban, because it was a base for al-Qaeda, etc; though no doubt you think there are there for the oil or perhaps it's a Christian “Crusade”.

There have been well over 23,00 jihadist terror attacks since 9/11. Are you honestly saying that American soldiers have intentionally killed tens of thousands of Muslims citizens? I agree that US soldiers have unintentionally killed citizens in drone attacks, etc. But in all the jihadist attacks above, civilians were deliberately chosen and killed by Muslims. Every time US soldiers kill Muslim civilians, it is extensively covered in the Leftist media. The same media that more or less ignores the daily jihad as well as the massive persecution of non-Muslims throughout the Muslim world.

Fact is, because the Left is deeply racist, it ignores killing and oppression when done by Muslims (i.e., because they have brown skin and aren't “capitalist” Westerners). It's only concerned, as you are, with what US soldiers have done.

What you're also forgetting is that many on that Islamic death-list above are Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. So it's not just a question of deaths due to American soldiers versus deaths due to jihadists. How do the Buddhists in southern Thailand fit into your world-view; or the Hindus in Pakistan?

"Funny thing is, it'll be much more, but since they're Muslim, it's important."

I doubt it. And, yes, just as it was important when Nazis and Communists were killing millions. What's wrong with focusing on a pernicious ideology/religion?

And what makes you think I'm an American or that I would defend everything the American state does?

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