Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Conversations With Muslims (1)

The Quotes are by Fro Buntu
"Islam is a religion of fairness and equality." 

An utter soundbite: worthy of a politician. It is empty.

“But fairness and equality goes against the very foundations of these other forms of governance such as 'Democracy' and 'communism'.”

That's far too vague to even respond to.

I personally think that Islam is very much like the communism you castigate, as well as Nazism: it's totalitarian, absolutist (as your comments are), violent, black-and-white, war-like, centralised, oppressive, dictatorial, it doesn't leave a place for the individual and it is soul-crushing. That may be why both Nazism and Communism have had a strong appeal to millions of Muslims in the 20th century and beyond. What Muslims want, though, is Nazism with a religious element – something even more totalitarian but with stuff about Allah.


“ Laws and rules created by man will always have its drawbacks because no one is perfect and it will always be twisted to fit the desires of those in office and those in power, to the detriment of the less fortunate ppl.”

Even if there are Allah-given laws (which there aren't), violent men, and absolutist men like you, still have to interpret and put them into practice. Allah-given laws will always come via men like you. And it is Muslims like you who are the problem.

“... they are afraid of change or are happy with their current position in life and could care less about those that are suffering with it.”

Islam has caused far more suffering that modern democracy and even more than Communism and Nazism. Muslims have literally slaughtered hundreds of millions in the last 1,4000 years. And today at least 500 kuffar die in the global jihad each month simply because they are kuffar. And that's forgetting the sadism and sickness of sharia law and Islamic culture.

“Look around you and you will see true perversion. Priests, police officers, coaches, everybody and their mothers (the kuffar i mean) are raping little kids and/or engaged in other sexual perversions.”


Human nature is flawed at all times and in all places. And when you add to that flawed nature, a totalitarian, violent and oppressive system such as Islam, our flawed nature is simply compounded.

Many of the things you mention are actually made worse by Islam, not better. Take raping little kids. That's what Muhammad did to a nine year old.

Are you from the UK? You must have missed the systematic sexual grooming by Muslim gangs of kuffar girls as young as 10. There have been very many convictions – but they are the tip of the iceberg. Why have they done this? Because of Islam and what it says in the Koran: both legitimise rape and kuffar-abuse. You are clearly drunk on your own Islamic rhetoric.

“ You cant escape it; commercials, movies, billboards, walking down the street. Its everywhere, so perhaps you dont know what the word perversion means.”


I'd rather put up with these small perversions than the massive perversion that is Islam. Perversions aren't eradicated by Islam: they are magnified a hundred-fold. Islam's prime perversion is its love of death and murder. Those perversions you cite pale into insignificance compared to Islam's love affair with killing.


“But in Islam we do not care about the Nation-State as that is just a new invention by europe to divide and conquer.”


Are you an International Socialist or communist? In 1,400 years Islam has never got rid of national boundaries. However, if it did, it would magnify the problem of states, as the European Union does.


“To kill off africans (brought as slaves) by the millions.”


The Islamic slave trade in Africa predated the US and British slave trades by some 1100 years. It still exists today in the Arab world and beyond. The British ended slavery in the late 18th century. The Islamic slave trade still exists and is endorsed in the Koran. The Islamic slave trade was far far bigger than the European slave trade. Which history books are you reading?

“ It is ok to to kill muslims in Iraq,Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Bosnia, Chechnya. But once the "chickens come home to roost" you all yell "Where's the justice?!!"


Compared to the massive death toll of Muslim-on-Muslim violence, from Syria to Iraq to Pakistan, as well as how many Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, etc. Muslims have killed in the last 1,400 years, those relatively few deaths at the hands of American soldiers are insignificant. In any case, the West intervened in all these countries because of prior violence and terrorism from Muslims. You are putting the cart before the horse.

In Iraq, it is Muslims who are killing Muslims in large numbers. In Afghanistan, by far the biggest killer of Muslims is the Taliban. And the same is true for Yemen and Somalia.

Of course you can blame the West for all that (as Leftists do): Muslims like you always blame the West. You have no option, really. Without the sins of the West, of course, Muslims would always be utterly blameless, wouldn't they? That is, Muslims are like children really; which is how middle-class, white Leftists see them.

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