Friday, 14 March 2014

Buddhists Face Islamic Death in Thailand

First posted: 14 February 2013

A Buddhist monk collects morning alms under armed military protection in the southern Thai city of Pattani. Monks have been the target of Muslim terrorists with many being injured and killed by roadside bombs, or IEDs. Some have even been beheaded.

Buddhists in southern Thailand have been getting it in the head from Muslims for quite some time. It is very bad there for them. This is strange because we never hear much about what’s going on. It seems that most of the Western media are far more concerned with the latest Palestinian to have been scratched by an Israeli soldier. 

Muslims are also doing the Violence, this time to Christians, in the southern Philippines too. We don’t hear much about that either. The media’s far more concerned with Israeli “settlers” using less than 2% of total West Bank land.

Buddhism is generally a peaceful religion. Buddhists are generally peaceful – even pacifist and vegetarian. That doesn’t matter to Muslims. Muslims don't make any distinctions between any kuffar religion. Be they Jain vegetarians or Buddhists pacifists. 

More relevantly, they hate the "People of the Book" (the “fellow Abrahamic faiths") more because Christians and Jews should (have known) know better! They, much more than Thai Buddhists, should have known that Muhammad was the Final Prophet of their own tradition. Their ignorance and rejection of Islam is far worse than that of Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs because Jews and Christians should have accepted Mohammed when he offered his Final Truth. 

Many Buddhists have remained ignorant of Islam. We "unbelievers" haven't. In fact, because far more Buddhists are ignorant of Islam, they may even go to Islamic Paradise. (As long as that ignorance is genuine and absolute.) No Christian or Jew is truly ignorant of Islam so they will all burn in Islamic hell for eternity. In fact, because no Hindu or Sikh is ignorant of Islam either they too shall burn in Islamic hell for eternity.
The point is simple. Any knowledge of Islam automatically means that the kuffar should immediately convert. If he doesn’t, then it’s either Death-by-Jihad in this world (as in Thailand) or eternal torment in Islamic hell.

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