Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bradford & Keighley: Muslim Gangs Pimping Non-Muslim Girls

First posted: 2nd November, 2010

In Bradford and Keighley, everyone knows about Muslim males pimping non-Muslim girls – usually white, but sometimes Sikh and Hindu – on a very large scale

It is clear that Muslims quite deliberately seek out non-Muslim or white girls. Why is that? The answer is quite simple:

they are kuffar and thus they deserve to be pimped.

Indeed if Muslims hate all kuffar, and women and not as valuable as men, then you can guess what they think of female kuffar – they are ‘sluts’ and ‘slags’ (all, from the girls on the council estates to the women in the universities). And, just as the Koran forges the Islamic attitude of Muslims to the kuffar, so it forges the Muslim male’s negative attitude towards women in general.

It is ironic that the Muslim being interviewed in this programme in one breath said it was a problem with ‘specific communities’, but he then went on the say that it was ‘not race or religion related’. That was a clear deceit on his part. He admitted the community-specificity of the problem, but didn’t want to say that it was a problem with Muslim men. The interviewer himself said that ‘all ethnic groups have gangs’. Yes, sure. But do all these other gangs systematically seek out girls from other ethnic groups to exploit because their religion encourages them to do so (Koran calls them ‘booty’)? I doubt it.

Part of this Islamic pimping trade is the Islam Crack/Heroin Jihad. These go side-by-side because Muslims, on the whole, only sell to non-Muslims – in this case, both males and females. However, getting kuffar girls addicted to crack or heroin is a good way of controlling them. The girls will then rely on their Muslim pimps to get them their drugs. Their payments for prostituting themselves will also help pay for the drugs they need. However, some white girls aren’t strictly prostituted in that they are ‘passed between’ Muslim gang members without any money changing hands.

Some of the white girls in Keighley I met became pregnant to Muslim males. Not surprisingly, these Muslim males left their non-Muslim girls after they became pregnant. There is not a chance in hell that any Muslim family would allow a Muslim son to marry a kuffar girl, even if she were pregnant. Most of the Muslim males in the Muslim ghettos have already been set up with either a cousin, or someone from the same tribal village in Pakistan, etc.

Many young white girls simply fail to realise the full nature of Islam and how it produces misogynist men as well as those who hate the kuffar. Full stop. They must really believe that they can stay ‘boyfriends’ with their Pakistani pimpers or even one day marry them. This level of naivete is very sad.

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