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Blackpool: grooming by Muslim men is still being hushed up

First posted: 9th April, 2011

Comments on The Blackpool Gazette news item, '"We hid nothing" say sex case cops', by Julia Bennett, 8th April, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

POLICE chiefs today denied they covered up the extent of child sex grooming in Blackpool. Bosses say they have not “deliberately hidden” facts about exploitation in the resort while children’s services bosses claim Blackpool youngsters “are now safer than they’ve ever been.” [These seem like yet more sweet but meaningless words to appease the god of Community Cohesion and Diversity. What does it mean, anyway, to say that they haven't ‘covered up’ anything? These regional newspapers in Blackpool have already said that the police have covered up things. Not only that. The police have said that they have covered up things up about these cases. Is it ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at one and the same time with the Blackpool police?

And the phrase that Blackpool’s youngsters ‘are now safer than they’ve ever been’ simply shows us that before this they were not safe. And they were not safe primarily, in these cases, because of Muslim groomers who took to grooming because of their shared religious faith, the encouragement of grooming by that faith, and other slightly more peripheral reasons.]

Lancashire Police came under fire in a report by The Times which accused the force of ‘hiding a sex grooming scandal’ in Blackpool and ‘inhibiting’ further research by political correctness. [Political correctness is like Stalinism. It is all-encompassing and it demands utter obedience and utter censorship - even of the police. It also severely punishes those that break the rules or laws of political correctness, even if they are politicians, councillors, journalists and, in these cases, the police.] The article claimed an “unpublished police report” showed more than 60 Blackpool children aged 13 to 15 had been groomed by a group of men connected to several town centre takeaway premises. [These articles - this article! - is still a victim of the thing it has only just mentioned - political correctness. Nothing is being said here about Muslim men. This journalist knows that this is about Muslim men. The police know that it’s about Muslim men. Muslim men know that it’s about Muslim men. And all the people of Blackpool know that it’s about Muslim men. Yet this newspaper still talks about ‘a group of men’ (which makes a change from ‘Asians’).]

But police say the figures were drawn from an awards submission for the Awaken project – which was set up to tackle sexual exploitation of vulnerable children – and was submitted to the Home Office in 2007 and was freely available to the public on-line. A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “We would like to make it clear we do not accept we have deliberately hidden the facts from the public about this issue.” [Yes Blackpool police have 'hidden the facts from the public’ because it has not seen certain facts (about Muslim groomers) as facts. Or the police have even seen them as irrelevant to the issue. The religious affiliation of these groomers has not been seen as relevant. Thus the police cannot even admit that they have hidden the facts from the public’.]

Child grooming was thrust into the spotlight following the disappearance of 14-year-old schoolgirl Charlene Downes in 2003. Resort takeaway bosses Iyad Albattikhi and Mohammed Reveshi were charged with killing and disposing of her body, but were later acquitted of all charges. The investigation, did, however, uncover a squalid problem of sexual exploitation – an issue which The Times article also connects to another missing Blackpool girl, Paige Chivers. Paige was just 15 when she disappeared in 2007. The report claims the teenager was also a “victim of sexual exploitation” but police say her disappearance remains a missing person inquiry and they are “keeping an open mind”. The figures listed in the Awaken report are evidence of a problem highlighted many times by The Gazette over the past decade. In 2005 – one year after Awaken was launched – we revealed how 240 Blackpool children had been identified as “at risk of exploitation” and that 80 had been “saved” from the clutches of paedophiles. [How many of those 240 Blackpool children were the victims of Muslim gangs?Many of them? Almost all of them?]

We highlighted for the first time how police had focused on “takeaways and exploitation hotspots”, while also revealing how children had been rescued from brothels. [The mention of ‘takeaways’ sort of gives the game away, doesn’t it? There’s no mention here of pubs, youth clubs or swimming baths. No; just places run by Muslims.]

New figures, obtained by The Gazette today, show between September 2010 and February 2011, Awaken received 135 reports of children who could be at risk and how 54 suspects had been identified. Of these 92 per cent were white, two per cent were Pakistani, two per cent were Caribbean and four per cent were Turkish. [These statistics are utterly meaningless! What’s more, the journalist whose just offered us them should know they are meaningless; if she/he doesn’t already know.

For a start, every citation of stats should come along with context, as well as with complementary stats to make sense of the given ones.

The first thing we should ask about these stats is: what proportion of people in Blackpool are white? The answer will be, in Blackpool, that whites constitute something like between 95% and 99% of the population. Thus to say that ‘92% per cent [of the suspects] were white’ is to say almost nothing. Of course most groomers, etc. will be white in a town of 97% or more white people!

Now take the Pakistani groomers stat. Let’s say that, just in theory, Pakistanis make up 2% of the population in Blackpool. In that case, ‘2% of groomers were Pakistani’ would be a massive amount in relation to the whole population of Blackpool. Even if Pakistanis don’t make up 2%, but slightly more, say, at the most 8%, that 2% figure is still very large vis-a-vis the general population of Pakistanis in Blackpool.]

Thirty-one people were arrested and 14 were subsequently charged with offences relating to child exploitation. Thirteen were given abduction notices which is the equivalent of a police warning. Blackpool Council says child protection has improved in the resort. [It couldn’t do anything else but improve - it couldn’t get any worse... or could it? If the god of Community Cohesion and Embracing Diversity still had its way (which it may still do), no Muslim would ever be charged for anything.]

David Lund, executive director of children, adult and family services, said: “We’ve always been completely open and honest about the fact we’d identified a problem. The initial research, referred to in The Times, was carried out in 2003. “Due to the success of Awaken, children in Blackpool are now safer than they’ve ever been. The project has received national acclaim. ” Assistant Chief Con Andy Rhodes said: “We have worked closely with other agencies over the past six years to tackle the issue of child sexual exploitation. [‘Child sexual exploitation’... full stop? Child exploitation by whom? By Muslims? Not if Community Cohesion has its way and censors all mention of religious/ethnic affiliation.] “We recognised there was an issue in relation to on-street grooming of young people by adults who have power over them by virtue of their age, gender, intellect or status. [And the fact that Muslims do these things to these girls because they are non-Muslim. You see. Politically correct censorship and control was part of the problem all along. And in this very article it can be seen that politically correct censorship and control is still the problem.] “We are able to tackle this problem, target offenders and help those children who have become, or are at risk of becoming, victims because we put the resources into safeguarding those who are vulnerable and bringing to justice those who are responsible.”

Former Lancashire Det Supt Mick Gradwell, said police should, however, have a “more open debate”. [Is the phrase ‘more open debate’ a careful and PC reference to a debate about the nature of Muslim men in all these grooming cases in Blackpool? I hope it is. And I hope the debate at least dares to raise the possibility that Islam encourages Muslim men to treat non-Muslim girls, and non-Muslims generally, as ‘cattle’ (as Mehdi Hasan, of the New Statesman, once called non-Muslims).]

He said: “There is a lot of work going on with these operations (such as Awaken) but there is a reluctance to talk openly about the full facts.” [Here we go again. This time the phrase is ‘a reluctance to talk openly about the full facts’. And yet this very article, in The Gazette, as well as this policeman himself, are committing the same sin again by not ‘openly talking about the full facts’. The full facts being the nature and status of the Grooming (‘Islamic Booty’) Jihad in Blackpool.]

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