Saturday, 8 March 2014

Beware of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK)

First posted: 5 December 2010

Do you trust MPACUK? I don’t. I don’t trust it because of its history. So let me give you an historical snippet. Let’s go back to 2005.

At that time, Loran Fitzsimons, a Labour PM for Rochdale (now famous for Gillian ‘the bigot’ Duffy), lost her seat to the Liberal Democrats thanks to the work of MPACUK. What this slightly-sinister Muslim organisation did was produce hundreds of leaflets which claimed that Lorna Fitzsimons was Jewish. Thus it called on (Muslim) voters not to vote for her. Now, as far as I know, being Jewish is not a crime (yet). So what was her crime? That of being a ‘Zionist’. This is how MPACUK put it:

“Lorna Fitzsimons is an ardent Zionist and a member of the most powerful anti-Muslim lobby in the world, the Israel lobby.”

But there was one big thing wrong with that ‘accusation’. Fitzsimons is not, well, Jewish. (All this was documented at the time by that ‘ardent Zionist’ newspaper, the Manchester Evening News, 19th April, 2005.)

Now if a relatively small Muslim organisation, like MPACUK, can cause this kind of political trouble, as well as ‘make friends and influence people’, then think about the effect the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) or the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) has on MPs and British politics generally.

Do you believe MPACUK’s claim that ‘it does not support Muslim candidates simply for their religious beliefs’? No? It supports them because of their Islamic actions and policies, not their religious beliefs. Who cares, politically, about inert and private religious beliefs?

I am also left wondering about these issues which are important to the Muslim Community. Maybe we should ask Rukiya Dadhiwala of MPACUK. The imposition of sharia law on Bradford East and elsewhere? The pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Banning the wearing of short skirts in Muslim areas? Sending more Muslim ‘charity’ money to Hamas and even the Taliban? Stopping Bradford’s police for Islamophobically arresting Muslim youths for their part in the Crack/Heroin Jihad against the white infidels of the council estates? I can only guess!

I am also wondering why Muslims, especially, need to be ‘made aware’ of general elections. Don’t Muslims have TVs, radios and access to the Internet? Do they spend all their time in mosques or collecting money for the poor Palestinians? Of course ‘raising awareness’ of Muslims about elections is not really a simple case of informing Muslims about it. It is about who or what they should vote for come the election. But, of course, MPACUK doesn’t order or literally force Muslims to vote in a certain way. It tells them to vote in a certain way. There is a difference. After all, we are not talking about Pakistan or Afghanistan here.

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