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American interfaithers demand sacrifices for Islam

First posted: 20 April 2011

Comments on the Detroit Free Press article, 'Metro interfaith leaders to unite against Quran-burning pastor', by NIRAJ WARIKOO, April 20th, 2011. (Comments are in red.)

As the Quran-burning pastor from Florida prepares to protest on Good Friday outside the biggest mosque in Dearborn, local religious leaders say they're gearing up to counter his message with a show of unity. [Non-Muslim faiths must realise that you can be all 'interfaith', or 'tolerant towards other religions', or even 'open-minded' towards then, without illogically assuming that all faiths or religions must be treated that way. That would be silly.

After all, what would the InterFaith position on the Borneo Head-Hunter religion be (or that of the Ancient Aztecs who sacrificed up to twenty thousand in one day to their sun god)?

Can even an exception be made for a monotheistic religion – one of the 'Abrahamic faiths'? Let's look at this.

Apart from this excluding Hinduism and Buddhism, what does the Koran, and Islam generally, really think of the other Abrahamic faiths – Judaism and Christianity? It can easily be argued that Islam is actually more against Christianity and Judaism than it is against the 'polytheistic' religions. Why? Because Christians and Jews should have known better.

The Jews, specifically, as narrated in the Koran, rejected the message of Mohammed and his new religion – Islam. And he despised them for doing so. They should have known better. They should have recognised him for what he took himself to be – 'the seal of the prophets'.

After all, everything in Judaism and Christianity simply led up to Mohammed – it led to him. Jews and Christians should have known this. Again, that's why Mohammed and his followers actually despised the moon-worshippers and idolaters far less than they did the Jews and Christians. They should have recognised that Muhammad was the true spokesman for their ostensibly shared God.]

Religious leaders from various backgrounds -- Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and others -- plan to rally Thursday at the Islamic Center of America, where Pastor Terry Jones says he'll protest Friday against radical Islam. The clergy and others plan to link hands in a circle around the mosque to symbolically shield it from Jones, whom they describe as divisive. ['Divisive'? Are these InterFaithers simply trying to prove how pious - and even how holy - they are, compared to their fellow religionists (who are more sceptical of Islam and Muslims) by their seeing only good in a warlike and discriminatory religion - Islam? Are they 'turning the other cheek' on a massive scale in order to show what good Christians they are?

Would Christ, and the early Christians, have deliberately sacrificed their own religion to do so? (This may well be the end result of this InterFaith enabling of Muslims and Islam - far more so than any other religion.) In other words, they are sacrificing all of us, as well as their fellow religionists, in order to prove to everyone, not just Muslims, how pious and Christian, or Jewish, etc. they are.]

"This is an opportunity to show a different vision than the one he's bringing," said the Rev. Daniel Buttry, a Baptist pastor from Hamtramck with the Interfaith Leadership Council. [If only some of these Baptists, for example, showed equal InterFaith piety and open-mindedness towards the Jews and Israelis of Israel. No. Many of them seem to have a very special soft spot for Islam and Muslims, either for political or theological (or both) reasons. Much of it, again, is a direct result of the situation in Israel and Gaza, etc.]

The council created an online petition that garnered more than 1,500 signatures. It reads, in part: "We ... stand together in condemning the actions of those who spew hate and fear, and who misuse and desecrate holy books of faith." [If anything, the Koran 'spews hate and fear'. In addition, millions upon millions of Muslims, as can be see in the daily Global Jihad and the treatments of Christians in every Muslim/Islamic state, spew hatred and fear. Not only do they burn the Bible and other holy books; in many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, they ban them, along with the building of churches.
So is this the turning of the other cheek on a massive and obscenely suicidal scale? Is this almost the ultimate way that InterFaithers can prove their pious and religious credentials?]

But Pastor Wayne Sapp, who burned a Quran last month under Jones' supervision, said Tuesday that he and Jones are coming to Dearborn to peacefully protest against jihad and Shari'a, which they say threaten non-Muslims with violence. [The InterFaithers are so pious that they simply deny the brutality of Sharia and the fact that millions of Muslims, from the US to Pakistan, want Sharia law across the globe, including in non-Muslims states.]....

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