Friday, 7 March 2014

Abu Qutada & Shami Chakrabarty

First posted: 4th June, 2012

There is a problem with what can be called revolution-through-rights-activism groups, such as Liberty’s defence of Abu Qutada.

They don’t defend these scum because they are concerned with their possible torture, etc. in Jordan and elsewhere. No. Shami Chakrabarty, and other upper-middle-class leftists, actually support the Islamist positions which have led Islamoterrorists to blow innocent people up. They may not agree with terrorism, but they do relate to the issues and situations which inspire the terrorists. In other words, they believe that Bush and Blair, or the platonic West as a whole, is responsible for Abu Qutada and all other members of the death cult we call Islam. The same leftist ruling class also supported the IRA and the PLO, if not the actual use of terror.

Our biggest battle is against these revolution-through-rights-activism supporters. They are the middle- and upper-middle-class leftist members of the new ruling class. They control much in the universities, churches, media and so on. They are the new ruling class.

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